Belinda's current body of work, Fractured Light, is exploring light and reflection, billowing clouds, a fleeting glimpse of dappled light, a dissolving reflection of the sea, memories of the elementary with a hint of the digital.

A trained Graphic Designer majoring in  Digital Art and Illustration, she draws from eight years of experience as a digital film artist, 3 in Weta's film industry. Her practice forms a hybrid of both traditional and digital mediums. Breaking down realistic representation and teetering at the edge of abstraction, a lover of music, and a trained pianist, the works pulse with rhythm and modulation. As with the original Abstract Expressionists the works have a focus on form, color, pattern and light.

A full-time practicing artist at Bayview Studios, Shelly Bay. Her works are held in private collections in New Zealand, Australia, France and the USA.

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